Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just so you know:

I'm not completely sure why.

Maybe it's because my family took a lot of trips when I was younger.
Maybe it's because I've gone on mission trips.
Maybe it's because I enjoy getting away.

Or maybe it's because I'm always searching.
I couldn't quite tell you for what,
but my heart is ever expectant when I travel.
I can't stop doing it.
I love moving- I love settling myself in new places.
I love feeling as if I don't quite belong, and pretending as if I always have.
I love breathing the air of an unfamiliar place.
I love carrying my possessions in a compact carry-along.
I love the rush of airports and busy streets.
Surrounded by new people,
new desires,
new struggles,
new heartbreaks,
new love and laughter,
new inspiration.
And I'm never so alone.
And I'm never found at home.

I feel perpetually unsettled.

and I think that's how it should be.


Nuetz said...
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Nuetz said...

I would agree with you here... I definitely like traveling too-- granted I like some routine in my life too. I enjoy something new every once in awhile. This is what terrifies me about starting my job-- once all the "newness" goes away and I have this routine going, will I still enjoy it? I won't have the variety and spontaneity I had here at school. I think I will miss that part dearly. But at least it's something to look forward to for now!