Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't hold me back.

I want something new.
Something exciting.
I want to sink my teeth in and savor all life can give to me.
And when I feel that joy-
that inner joy that only God's peace and crazy unconditional love can bring-
I know I've hit the jackpot:
inspire and be inspired.
To truly put it into words would make it too attainable. It's a fire within my heart. I own it.
It owns me. I must live it or it may destroy me.

I desire the fire, the joy, the peace, the love.

So I put on my adventure goggles.

You can't touch this.

1 comment:

Amanda Jane said...

I affirm you in your wearing of adventure goggles.
(I know you don't need that affirmation from anyone...but I wanted to tell you that I see them on you and they look good.)