Sunday, February 8, 2009

I believe

in tormenting spirits.
Have you heard of "spiritual warfare?"
What do you think?
Just because we can't see it, does not mean it is not real.

Why do the churches I attend always talk about God, and not about Satan and demons? They're real, too.
We may not see a possession every day, but why would the evil creatures show up so prominently and allow our people to be horrified by the actuality of it? People might actually believe. So, we don't see it, we don't believe it.

Don't open your eyes America, open your soul.
There is a difference between body and spirit.

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Amanda Jane said...

you should come to the young adult group I'm a part of. Kayley Law, Emily Barclay, and Deb Huling come to it sometimes too, it's sunday evenings from 6-8:30 ish. Spiritual warfare comes up a lot.
it's definitely real.

p.s. I still have a great desire to get to know for real know you. But I'm not at Wartburg it might make things slightly more difficult. hmm...or not. who knows :)